Schaechter Line

  • Design
    An unusual proposal leading to remarkable piece.
    Traditionally, the mezuzah is mounted tilted on the doorpost interrupting the vertical flow of the lines.
    The Schaechter Mezuzah's design proposes a vertical mezuzah with a pre tilted scroll.
    This is one of the most brilliant and elegant designs of the studio.

    Model Consideration
    The Line model is an additional minimalistic abstraction of the design.
    The stainless steel version makes a brighter statement than the aluminum one.

    The Line model is the designer's favorite of this series.

  • H 132mm - 5 1/8'' W 33mm - 1 1/4''
  • Machined, hand finished and hand polished.
  • The back plate is easily attached to the doorpost
    and the mezuzah case is slid on it.
    Comes with screws.
  • 10cm - 3 15/16" , enclosed in a glass tube.
    (Not Included)
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