Mirvis Rect

  • The Mirvis Series is a contemporary minimalistic mezuzah that somehow has
    a traditional flavor.
    It is "merely" a clean rectangular or semI-circular rod with a concavity revealing a hint of the scroll.
    The elegant proportions , the refinement of the dent and the resulting slot contribute to the allure
    of this mezuzah.
    The series is available in anodized aluminum or stainless steel.

  • Small - H 123mm - 4 1/2'' W 25mm - 1”
    Large - H 155mm - 6 1/4''   W 31mm - 1 1/4”
  • Machined, hand finished and hand polished.
  • The back plate is easily attached to the doorpost
    and the mezuzah case is slid on it.
    Comes with screws.
  • Small - 10cm - 3 15/16", enclosed in a glass tube.
    Large - 12cm - 4 6/8", enclosed in a glass tube.
    (Not Included)
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