Bircat Cohanim

  • The design motif of this sculpture is explosion of typography in space.
    The deconstructed letters of the blessing look like hieroglyphs with no apparent meaning.
    The words suddenly pop up when the viewer juxtaposes the reflection of the right side with the cutouts of the left.
    This is a powerful revelation.
    Text: the three priestly blessings.

  • H 385mm - 15 1/4'' W 280mm - 11’’ (set )
    H 600mm -  23 1/2''   W 500mm  -  19 1/2’’  D 110mm - 4 1/2"   (set )
  • Laser Cut, Laser Etching, Hand Finished

  • Personalize it! We will welcome a dedication text to be inscribed on the piece.