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The Hanukkah Menorah , in its mostessential shape of four concentricsemi-circles , has become an icon of the Jewish people.

The circle is a mystical shape::
harmonic, magnetic, sensuous.
Pure or transformed: cut, fragmented, bent or twisted, refracted or reflected.

The magic of the circle, its symbolic allusion, the fluidity of a reflected image and the sensory confusion between reflection and transparency, between glass and mirror, between real and virtual were the source of inspiration for the design of the Reflections Menorah.

The aesthetic statement, the sculptural presence and the functional character of the menorah- not only at Hanukkah time- were of primary concern in the conception of the piece.

Reflections is dynamic. The bases may be rotated , the modules, separated and combined , emphasizing the illusion between reflection and transparency, transforming into Shabath candlesticks, a candelabrum or a festive centerpiece.

Reflections is comprised of 5 independent elements. The circular bases are made of brushed and anodized aluminum. The shafts and the candle cups, of highly polished silver plated bronze or sterling silver. The cups are dimensioned to hold large and small candles or glass cups for oil.

Emil Shenfeld

Jerusalem, 1994.






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